“What made Paul so valuable as a Realtor, is his knowledge of our particular taste and his handling of a unique problem we presented with my record collection. We also appreciated his comprehensive knowledge of neighborhoods, his graceful manner of negotiating, and his availability. If I need real estate in the future, I hope Paul is around to provide it.”
-Brad Anderson, Former CEO of Best Buy Company

“I want to thank you for all the time and attention you gave us…..Your knowledge of all the properties and objective assessment of them was immensely valuable in helping us choose our property. The amount of extra time you spent with us answering our many questions about the new community made you feel more like a “neighbor” than someone trying to “sell” us.”

-Joe Forehand, Former CEO & Chairman Accenture

“I can tell you from 35 years of experience in the residential resort development business that the magnitude of positive synergism that you helped create does not happen very often…when it comes to professionalism in our field, I would put your team up against any in the country.”

-Don Beauregard, Developer of Monte Sereno, Santa Fe, NM

“Based on personal experience, if you are looking for professional assistance in a high level real estate transaction, you can do no better than Paul McDonald. My wife and I have both sold and purchased residential property through Paul several times. The results have been excellent. Paul consistently dedicates himself to a project with high energy and full commitment. Paul is a complete professional who offers sound advice and at the same time is prepared to do whatever is appropriate to complete a transaction quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. He never says it can’t be done. Paul quickly establishes a level of trust with both the buyer and seller….. I can recommend Paul to you without reservation.”

-John Rollwagen, Former CEO of Cray Supercomputers

“I am writing this on behalf of Paul McDonald….. What made Paul so valuable, as a Realtor, was his respect for our wishes, his comprehensive knowledge of neighborhoods, his graceful manner of negotiating, and his unstinting availability. Besides that, he’s an interesting man, by which I mean he can talk to a non-businessman like myself about topics other than business. If I need real estate help in the future, I hope Paul is around to provide it.”

-Jon F. Hassler, Author

“We just wanted to take a moment and express our sincere thanks to you for your fine efforts in helping us purchase our new home. We have had the opportunity to own several homes over the past years, but we cannot remember having been treated with so much selfless assistance as we were with you. As you know, we too are in the business of selling. It is always refreshing to meet someone in our line of work that thinks about the customer before they think about money.”

-Mike and Linda Beaver, Owners of Beaver Toyota, St. Augustine, FL

“For over four years, Mr. Paul McDonald represented us in the listing and sale of two properties. Paul is exceptionally knowledgeable, a keen strategist, and a very good communicator! He brought our project to a successful conclusion in a very different market for sellers!”

-Tylee Wilson, Former CEO of RJ Reynolds

“Paul McDonald has done a great job of helping our company through a number of real estate listings. I consider Paul to be one of the best real estate agents that I have worked with in the past. Paul is hardworking and seeks every opportunity to sell the real estate he has listed. I found him to be both reliable and trustworthy. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone as a potential real estate agent for listing of their property or as a purchasing agent.”

-Norm Waitt, Co-Founder Gateway Computer