7 Tips for Selling Your Luxury Property

If you’re preparing to sell your property, you may be unaware of what’s involved with selling a luxury home. For example, how do you know when it’s the right time to sell a luxury home? Do you know how to properly price it? How does the open house process work for luxury properties?

There are many questions involved in selling a home like yours that wouldn’t be as big of a concern for an average home. Use this guide to make sure you understand these seven considerations involved in selling luxury properties.

Make sure you price it right

This applies to anyone selling their home. Selling your property right is vital to successfully selling for what it’s worth. Be sure not to price yourself too high just because you own a luxury home. Compare your home to others like it on the market and make sure you price it both competitively and aggressively from the start.

When should I sell?

Selling a luxury home is different than a non-luxury home when it comes to the right timing. If you’re selling features that would appeal to someone during a certain time of year, plan your listing for such. For example, that waterfront property will catch someone’s eye going into the warmer temperatures while your beautiful fireplace and hot tub may appeal to someone in the colder months.

Do I have an open house?

While public open houses can be helpful for selling a home, these don’t really apply to your luxury homes. Broken open houses are more helpful in this case, in which real estate professionals can tour the home on behalf any clients that may be a match.

How to market the home

When it comes to marketing luxury properties, you’ll want to count on the assistance of the internet to get the word out there. Print and direct mailing is normal for any listing, but social media is really important in this case.

Should I stage it?

Staging is always a helpful way to sell your home. Hire an agent with staging experience. This will help maximize the price you can get while lowering the time it’s going to take it to sell. Stage each exciting amenity of the home to show people what life would be like using that in-home movie theater or that dining room with their fine china.

Your photos need to be great

With a luxury home, quality photos and videos are essential. Hire a photographer to capture the best lighting. Consider a virtual tour where serious buyers can get the tour right online.

Portraying the lifestyle well

With luxury listings, you’ll want to portray the lifestyle a buyer would enjoy here, as well as emphasize the location. Mention the members-only clubhouse, the community pool, and the yacht club privileges. Don’t just assume someone would already know that this is a package deal.

Lastly, keep in mind that you’ll need to be patient with selling your luxury home. Be sure to be paired up with the perfect agent for this process because having just any old agent isn’t going to do. Talk to the professionals at Elite Referral in order to get paired with the right agent for your family, so that you can take out the guesswork of choosing someone yourself.