Avoiding Realtor Mistakes – Part 1

Choosing a realtor can be a difficult process, not knowing for sure if you’ve picked someone that will suit your family’s needs best. That’s why many are going with Elite Referral to take out the guesswork. This company is helping families from all over get paired up with the right agent for them from the start, rather than leaving families scouring the internet and wondering if they’ve made the right choice. Take a look at some of the common mistakes people make when choosing a realtor themselves.

Working with a relative

It’s common that most people know a realtor whether it’s a family member, relative, or a friend. It makes a person feel obligated to work with that person or assume it’s an easy way out of a decision. The problem comes in when this person is not the right professional for your needs, whether it’s because they don’t know your area well, they aren’t used to working in your price range, or you may just be using them to avoid paying any realtor fees. Don’t work with a friend or relative on such an important decision, just like you wouldn’t just pick anyone to be your doctor, lawyer, or accountant.

Not getting references

Trying to vet someone yourself based on your own judgement will do you no good when references will tell you everything. Talk to an agent’s past customers to find out how their buying or selling experience went. You don’t want to end up with someone that has no experience or someone that isn’t as committed as they were years ago.

Going with the lowest commission

Sometimes people choose an agent based on the best price. You should never choose an agent based on who offers the lowest commission because you’ll get what you pay for. You don’t want an agent that will put in little effort, spend little on your marketing needs, and be unavailable when a challenge comes up rather than dropping everything to resolve it.

If you want to make sure you don’t choose the wrong realtor, let us help. At Elite Referral, we take the time to properly vet all realtors to ensure you get the right fit for your needs. Read more here in Avoiding Realtor Mistakes – Part 2.