Avoiding Realtor Mistakes – Part 2

Recently, you may have seen the first part of our post on mistakes made when choosing a realtor. We had to write a second part because there are so many common mistakes that end up costing people money and time. Here are a few more common mistakes you will want to avoid when it’s time to choose a realtor.

Assuming all agents are the same

While you may think they’re all the same because they had to pass the same tests to get to this point, this is very inaccurate. Agents are going to have their own levels of experience after getting their license and it’s important to work with someone who has received training, professional designations, and has some experience in the field.

Choosing the one with the highest sales

It may be tempting to talk to a company and request the agent with the highest sales, but it’s more valuable to choose someone who has sold the same amount of the ones he or she has listed. Ask questions about their listings that sold, how many were reduced before selling, and how long the houses were on the market.

Choosing someone because they live in your neighborhood

Don’t just choose someone to sell your home because they live in your neighborhood and are familiar with the area. Choose someone that has done the research on the local market for listing your home at the right price compared to comparable listings in town. Having neighborhood experience shouldn’t be the only focus.

Choosing the best sales pitch

Lastly, don’t fall for someone’s best sales pitch when choosing a realtor. It’s important to make a well-thought out decision on your agent rather than going with the one with the best presentation in the moment. It’s difficult to switch later and you want to work with the right agent from the start.

Watch out for these common mistakes that people make when choosing a realtor. Find out more about other common mistakes in Avoiding Realtor Mistakes – Part 1.