Finding Your Dream Home

Is That Home Right for You?

How will you know when a home is right for you? You are likely searching the web or working with a realtor in finding your dream home that balances your wants, your needs, and your budget all into one property that just so happens to be in a great neighborhood near the things you need. It’s an exciting, yet overwhelming time, and you may be fighting with your own gut feelings about the homes you visit.

Are you worried that none of the homes you’ve found are quite right or that a home is too perfect and must need too many things fixed to really be available right now at this price in your budget? It’s common to have fears and doubts right now, but these could also be a sign that you are working with the wrong realtor or spending too much time online. Here is a closer look at some of the telltale signs that a home is right for you.

Why you are struggling to decide

In some cases, the right house just hasn’t made an appearance yet. In other cases, there is an underlying issue that is holding up the process. Are you working with a realtor or agent that seems nice enough, worked well with a friend of yours, and has a great reputation, but isn’t really meshing with you?

Perhaps you were paired up by chance but you’ve never really seen eye-to-eye on anything yet. In other cases, you may be obsessing over your online searching and getting overwhelmed with too many options. You likely need an agent that will solve this problem, take out the need for obsessive searching, and will work on your behalf to pair you with the right neighborhoods and the homes that make sense for you.

It turns out that buyers that stay off the internet for their home search will spend up to five weeks and looking at five homes before buying, while those that rely on the internet take up to 10 weeks and will likely visit up to 10 homes before completing their search.

Having the wrong professional by your side could make this process longer and more daunting, while the right professionals can make it smooth sailing, exciting, and take the burden off of you. Stop getting overwhelmed by the information on the internet and start relying on the right agent to guide you to the right homes. Getting the right referral is everything right now and you don’t want to end up doubling the time it takes you to find a home due to a bad referral.

When the right home presents itself

The key to knowing when a home is the right one for you is to recognize a few telltale signs. Your dream home won’t be out of your budget, because that dream home will quickly turn into an expensive nightmare that you struggle to afford each month. Look for budget-busters like a pool to maintain or a larger space to heat in the winter.

Does the place just feel right? Can you envision where you’d put your couch, your favorite patio chair, and that beautiful piece of artwork in your current home? When you start to mentally move into a home and your intuition is telling you right away that this is a positive place to be in, you can likely count on this being a good decision.

You shouldn’t have to talk yourself into a property or try to look for the happiness in a depressing home. Trust your gut and try to think about your current situation rather than worrying too far ahead into the future which can overwhelm a buyer.

Lastly, look at what this house would offer as far as the lifestyle you’ll lead. Are you going to enjoy beautiful views that invigorate you each morning, or will you be surrounded by neighbors offering a more social lifestyle?

Will you be secluded or in a neighborhood full of community gatherings? What lifestyle can you expect living in a home like this and does it match how you live now or want to live? For some, it may be based on their kid’s stage in life, their need to be outdoors, or their dream of a great view.

Finding your dream home all boils down to working with the right agent that understands your needs well enough to help vet out the best options on your behalf. Use this guide to know if a home is right for you.