How to Make Sure You Choose the Right Luxury Real Estate Agent

You may not have known that there is a bit of an art behind choosing the right real estate agent. Most people just use a referral from a friend or internet reviews to choose an agent that has a reputation for success. Is this really the best way to know if someone is a right fit for your family?

You need someone that has worked with your budget, understands the area you’re moving into or out of, understands the current market, and has experience. Sometimes finding the right fit for your family is more complicated than just an online search.

That is why Elite Referral takes the guesswork out for you and matching you up with the right agent the first time around. Along with the help of these professionals, here is how you would know you’ve been paired up with the right luxury real estate agent.

Referrals and internet searches

While it’s helpful to have a firsthand referral for an agent from a friend or family member, and internet searches make it simpler by showing you some reviews, it’s still not always going to be the perfect match for your needs. While this is a great place to start, you’re more likely to find success by using the professionals at who take out the guesswork by pairing you with the right agent for your individualized needs.

Interview an agent

It’s helpful when you’ve been paired up with a potential agent and can sit down for a short interview. Get to know this person and find out more about their experience. Have they worked in the luxury real estate market before?

In some cases, they may not be familiar with this price-range and may not know much about how to find you the right listings or set up a private home tour. It’s important to get past any sales tactics and talk to someone about their values, their business approach, and if they are able to find you what you’re looking for.

Come to an agent with your needs listed out

It’s important to also be prepared as a client by making sure you’ve already discussed what you are seeking before asking someone if they are able to find it for you. Talk to your family about your needs and wants so that you can bring in a prepared list of these items to an agent you are considering hiring. Make sure this agent can appreciate your taste in luxury properties by discussing these things before hiring someone.

You would also want to make sure a potential agent would know how to find you the right buyers in the case that you are selling a luxury property. A strong history in sales in your price range and references of past clients that you could get in touch with would be a good sign that you could work with this agent. Of course just like past clients, you may want your information to remain confidential and seeing that your agent has a system of confidentiality is important.