Top Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent
When Buying a Home


The majority of those shopping for a home in 2017 chose to hire a real estate agent. In fact, 87% of those buying a home, according to the 2017 Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers hired an agent.

Home buyers were asked to list what they felt were the top benefits they gained from hiring a real estate agent. Here are some of the results.

The report also showed that it was more likely for a first-time buyer to work with an agent. In addition, it showed that in 54% of the transactions, the agent was compensated by the seller and not the buyer. Only 21% of the time were agents compensated by only the buyer, according to the report.

Along with the major benefits gained from hiring an agent, buyers also noted a few of the most important factors in hiring an agent, which included:

It was considered very important by most buyers that the agent be known as an honest and trustworthy person with plenty of knowledge of the local area. While hiring an agent can provide many benefits, those benefits are only seen when you hire the right real estate agent.

Working with the right agent provides the ability to get a better deal and a much better understanding of the buying process. When you choose the best agent for your specific needs, you’ll have an expert negotiator ready to go to work for you. This report shows how important hiring an agent is, but also shows it’s important to hire the right agent.

When choosing your real estate agent, make sure they have a great reputation, plenty of experience and the necessary local knowledge to help you find the right home. It can also be helpful to hire someone specializing in the type of home you’re seeking, such as a luxury home or even a condo in a high-rise building. With the right agent, you’ll enjoy a smoother buying process and gain many advantages compared to home shopping without an agent or with the wrong agent.

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