An Essential List of Things to Do to Sell Your Home

You’ve decided it’s time to sell, so what do you do next? Having a list of essentials to get done before listing your home for sale is vital. Here’s our list of essentials to help you get your home sold fast.

Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Deciding you don’t want to hire a professional agent to help you sell your home is a bit like trying to re-roof your own home. While you may be able to handle the task, you shouldn’t.

Trying to sell your home on your own may seem appealing because it could save you some cash. However, it will likely cost you more in the long run than hiring an agent and paying them to sell your home.

Make sure you find an experienced agent with great marketing and the ability to list your home correctly. Check their reputation and make sure the agent you hire has been fully vetted.

Get the Prep Work Done

After you’ve found a great real estate agent, they will likely recommend you handle certain types of prep work before listing. This could include repairs, renovations, cleaning, staging and more. Listen to your agent and handle the prep work before you list your home.

Create Incredible Curb Appeal

Along with the prep work inside the home, listen to your agent when it comes to curb appeal. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of landscaping and a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Other times, you’ll need far more to create the best possible curb appeal.

Get Your Documents in Order

Selling your home requires the right documents. Make sure you check with your real estate agent and get all the necessary documents in order before listing your home.

Choosing the Right Listing Price

If you chose the right real estate agent, the listing price should be pretty easy to choose. Your agent should be able to make recommendations based on what they believe the market will support. The price cannot be too low or too high. It needs to be just right.

Use this list to ensure you’re ready to get your home sold fast. If you get step one right (hiring a good real estate agent) everything else will become much easier.