Story of the Week


Sandy and Viola were moving back East to be closer to relatives. Due to health issues, in the land of 2-story Colonial homes,
they needed a home with a first floor master. Our referral to the top broker in the market who specialized in their price range,
netted them a savvy buyer’s broker who found them the exact right house.
“Thank you to Elite Referral for making our difficult transition so much easier by finding us the exact right broker.
We negotiated a great deal, and found a home that suited my husbands medical situation.
What a comfort to know we have a true professional in our corner.” –Sandy


Dwight and Ted had invested in a prime San Francisco condo with spectacular views when the market was down,
and decided now was the time to take advantage of favorable market conditions. The listing of their condo was more
of a process than an event, as the Elite Referral broker made many pre-sale recommendations that resulted in not
only staging advice, but also modest redecorating to take advantage of every inch of space. The result?

“We had multiple cash offers for $100,000 more than we ever dreamed would happen. We are smart investors
and we thought we knew real estate, but the Elite Referral broker you researched for us gave us great advice,
conducted the launch of our listing with masterful results, and made us realize again how important it is to work
with the best brokers possible in a market plate. Thank you Elite Referral!” –Dwight

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