How Critical is the Right Real Estate Agent? (Part 1)

Hiring a real estate agent is one of the most important parts of the home buying and selling process. You need this person to guide you from point A to Z, to handle the things you aren’t experienced in, and to be there to handle the legal aspects of home buying that you may not be aware of. It’s very important to work with an agent that understands you and your family’s needs.

The real estate agent specializes in the buying and selling process while you may have done this less than a handful of times. When you need someone experienced and on your side, hiring the right real estate agent is what will get you through the stressful moments. Take a look at what the right real estate agent means for this process.

The beginning

Once you’ve decided it’s time to make a move because you need to or want to, regardless of whether it’s your first move or you’ve decided to upgrade or downgrade, working with a great real estate agent can make or break the experience for you. If you are selling a home, you’ll have someone that has your back and helps to make good decisions when offers start coming in.

If you are buying a home, you’ll have someone that knows which neighborhoods would work well for your needs and can help you get showings at your dream properties. You’ll work closely with this person in either scenario and you want to make sure it’s someone that meshes well with your family.

Agents and buyers

If you are on the buying side of things, you’ll find a great deal of benefits with working with a great match of an agent. You’ll have an easier time with understanding the ins and outs of home financing, while also getting the benefit of learning about property listings that may not be well-known by the public yet.

Your agent will make it easy to understand better what you can afford to purchase, understanding the ins and outs of local neighborhoods, and help you find the properties in trending neighborhood, in areas of town you are hoping for, and with communities that work well for the lifestyle you are seeking.

They can help remind you what taxes and insurance may look like, how to prepare for home maintenance, and what types of HOA fees you would need on a property. You won’t have to worry about missing out on great properties or newly listed ones either; your agent will keep you up-to-date while helping you easily compare options.

Agents and sellers

If you’re on the selling end of things, you’ll love having an agent that cares about guiding you well and marketing your property to its best potential. Having a great match means that your agent will help you get the best value for your property by pricing it with comparable properties in your area. You won’t have to worry about asking too much or too little because your agent will know what features of the home make it worth more and what the market’s doing right now.

Your agent can help you figure out which buyers have been pre-qualified for a mortgage and will help you with the negotiations after an offer is made.

Being able to count on an agent that understands you and has your best interest in mind makes the process so much easier. Use the professionals at to make sure you are getting matched up with the right match for your needs when you need a real estate agent this year.

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